About My Blog

The name of my blog is AWEsome Anecdotes. First, I’d like to explain why awesome is spelled AWEsome. As you might already know (if you have looked at the rest of my site), the name of my coaching business is Amazing Woman Entrepreneur. Quite by accident, the acronym turned out to be A.W.E. Since I think that women are amazing and awesome, I decided to capitalize on this and use the acronym in the word “awesome.” As for the word “anecdotes,” that just suddenly popped into my head as thoughts sometimes do. So, there you have it. I will attempt to write posts that are amusing and witty; however, should I occasionally fail to do so, please don’t hold it against me. At times, I have a whacked sense of humor, so if that is not your cup of tea, feel free to ignore that particular post; although, I hope you will read it anyway. Welcome to my world and I hope we will become fast friends.